Saturday, August 23, 2008

GOP - Standing up for their Friends

While a lot of attention was paid - and deservedly so - to outgoing UW Chancellor John Wiley's scathing commentary on the current state of the UW-System in Madison Magazine, the reaction to the story was just as interesting. While it was understandable that WMC felt the need to offer one of their usually angry and dismissive responses to Wiley's contention that they have played a major role in the tearing down of the UW-System, the fact that the Republican Party of Wisconsin decided to weigh in, defending their pals at WMC, is hilarious.

From the tone of the release, it's obvious to see just how personal this is for the Republicans. You get the idea that RPW Executive Director Mark Jefferson wants to challenge Wiley to fight after school for attacking his girlfriend's good name. Of course, when Jefferson and RPW attacked WEAC earlier this week for committing $1.5 million to tv ads for this fall, you didn't see the Dems kick out a release whining "Take it back you big meanie!". Maybe DPW was busy, you know, campaigning or something.

Of course, it's hard to blame the GOP for thier whining. They are losing the Assembly, losing the White House, losing a Senate seat in OSHKOSH for crying out loud, and now this. And we all thought $4 a gallon gas was tough.

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