Friday, August 22, 2008

I Don't Think "Panic" Is Quite the Right Word

Of course, CERS has put out a response to the "flawed" poll I talked about yesterday that puts Jessica King ahead in the Senate race for the 18th. See it here:

No mention of why this poll is flawed, and I'm curious where they are drawing this conclusion from.

Yes, polls are flawed. ALL polls are flawed and anyone who follows politics even a little knows that. Still think permanent incumbent Dave Zien is going to beat Pat Kreitlow by 10 points? That's what CERS said its own internal poll indicated in 06.

If saying Dems are "panicking" because of Randy Hopper and that Dem polling is "flawed" is their angle on this one, I hate to think what kind of uber-panic is setting in over at CERS.

It's going to be a tough race for Randy Hopper, even if he wins. It's about opportunity, and no one can deny that opportunity exists for Jessica King in this seat.

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