Thursday, September 11, 2008

Alberta Darling, Lipstick, and Pigs

The national sensation of "Lipstick on a Pig" has reached Wisconsin, where embattled State Senator Alberta Darling (R-Country Club) decided to make one of the more ridiculous statements of the campaign so far. In an event attacking Obama yesterday, she stated:

“Right now we think that Sarah owns the name of lipstick because of what she said at the convention,” said Darling.

I love so much about this statement - first off she calls her Sarah, like they go moose-hunting together. Second, she claims someone can have ownership of a word, not a phrase, a word - lipstick. How great is that - we can all own words now! I pick juxtaposition.

Of course, under Alberta Darling logic, Barack Obama owns the word "Change" - just saying.

Either way, Darling may want to skip the partisan press conferences and get back on those doors if she expects to hold Sheldon Wasserman off - or at least get her staff back on those doors.

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grumps said...

I dibs, "sussuration."